News from America’s Largest Roofing Nail Importer

News from America’s Largest Roofing Nail Importer

Dear Valued Customer,

Only CMI provides GUARANTEED pricing, with no hidden charges, and the best on time shipment performance, second to none from our own CMI controlled plants. And now, to support full transparency, our new ‘on-line container tracker’ which will allow our customers to be able to track their own containers through our new updated website.

CMI is shipping 98% of all containers on time, but delivery issues are still prevalent in certain areas due to well documented port and rail backups effecting most Mid-West and Pac-West areas. Some containers arrive on time and may sit for weeks. This is also creating a global shortage of empty containers, as hundreds of thousands are stuck in these bottlenecks.

Talking about freight, it is settling in currently at about 60% from its high with no rebound in sight. This is tied into Chinese economy, which is in bigger trouble than we are hearing, tied into the continued Covid shutdowns. Now, the southwestern Chinese metropolis of Chengdu, with over 21 million people can’t leave their homes, and are on a total Covid lockdown.

As the leaders in this business segment, we suggest you follow the rule of 210. Have 90 days supply on order, 90 days in the pipeline, (to bridge interruptions), with a 30-day buffer based on seasonality, storms and other events. Trying to time the market will not work.

What is driving current price levels, lower freight. The real driver globally in all imports is the strength of the US dollar vs. foreign currencies. Beware of two-steppers dumping product, this is a recurring event when they purge inventory. Once it is gone if you don’t have your supply chain pipeline in order you will be at the mercy of those same two steppers that will have a very different approach to the market.

Just a heads-up, the current lead times on nail containers are around 75 – 90 days for new orders. Please feel to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Continental Materials, Inc. (CMI) is a national supplier of roofing system component materials and known for BUR (built-up roofing) asphalt with “No Smell”™ odor eliminating technology and its WeatherSeal™ protective packaging, All-Weather™ asphalt felts and coated organic rolls, CMI All-Weather™ modified bitumen rolls, SureGrip™ construction fasteners and roofing nails, Continental’s eco-friendly high density fiberboard roof insulation board and a premium line of SecureGrip™ synthetic roof underlayment products that are sold and used widely throughout the country. CMI has provided value added products and superior service to the roofing industry since 1958.

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