CMI is one of the nation's largest suppliers of to support the needs of our customers nationwide.


Our pledge has been the same since Continental Materials, Inc was founded 65 years ago. CMI promises to deliver the highest quality manufactured components for residential and commercial roof systems, supported by reliable service for the professionals and contractors that rely on us. In short, we deliver the best value in the products and systems the we supply to the market.

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Giving back to our communities is a central tenet at Continental Materials, Inc. Our Tunnel to Towers initiative has helped to raise money for fallen First Responders, fallen service members and homeless vets across America

Donations and efforts to help feed those in need in Southern New Jersey through the Jewish Family And Children's Service Betsy & Peter Fischer - Food Pantry

Our 65 years of service to the roofing and building trades community has solidified CMi as the market leader and trusted source


With our brand new Container Shipment Tracker Tool, If you have an active order with CMI you can track the status of your shipment anytime. This tool gives you peace of mind, knowing that the status of your shipment is always at your fingertips.


Performance Coatings

CMI No-Smell Packaged Asphalt

Synthetic Underlayment

Construction Fasteners

Fiberboard Insulation

50LB Packaged Asphalt

Self-Adhered Underlayment

Roofing Fasteners



The perspective that we bring to market is that of 308 combined years of experience in roofing and building trades.  With consistent leadership in place since 1985 and senior leadership that has seen every angle of this business from door knocking, contracting, distribution and manufacturing, we bring a unique perspective to not only what we do but how we do it.  There is no greater strength than understanding what your customers' needs are and how to help them achieve their goals.  This is who we are and how we align our success with yours.

What Makes Us Different

At CMi we pride ourselves on not only providing quality products offered but the service to match.  In building trades as in life, it's not if something happens but rather how you respond when it does and this is where the CMi Difference shines.  With dedicated regional management covering the continental United States as well as specific territory management support and a dedicated import department, CMi stands at the ready to support your needs be they regional, local or job specific.  We apply an integrated tracking process  throughout production to ensure our industry leading Quality Control standards.  Simply put, our goal is to be the smoothest transaction of your day.

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