SecureGrip Self-Adhered Underlayment

Premium High-Temp Self Adhered Roof Deck Protection- under Metal, Tile, Slate, Shakes, and Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Engineered Construction

Extremely strong polypropylene surface with UV and weather resistive coatings that add water shedding redundancy in the roofing system while protecting the structure from damage.

All Temperature Performance

-40° F to 260° F; all climates, under all roofing styles.

100% Inorganic Surface

Synthetic construction offers long term moisture protection - won’t rot and is inert to mold growth.

Advanced Surface Technology

SecureWalk™ (top) creates incredible walkability.

Weather-Tight Seal

Asphalt to asphalt lap system


Heavy synthetic surface resists tearing during roof installation - UV stabilized surface resists UV degradation up to six months.

Continental Materials