Cant Strip & Tapered Edge

Your best choice for reliable performance - and it's even eco-friendly!


Can be used in all asphaltic (hot or cold) and single ply roofing systems.

Reliable performance

Dimensionally stable and more durable than perlite products.

Perfect for transitions

Good for transitioning from roof level to the nailer or transitioning from tapered insulations to the roof level to help promote positive drainage.

Trims easily

Can be cut with a standard utility knife, with no irritating fiberglass dust.

Helps to prevent roof problems

Aids in good roof drainage and slope to prevent damaging ponding water.

Environmentally friendly

100% reclaimed/recycled material content; may contribute to LEED credits for your projects.

Great for corners

Smooths out the 90˚ angle created where the roof surface meets a perpendicular wall or paraphet.

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