Modified Bitumen

A quality roof installation begins with superior materials!


CMI All-Weather™ APP 160 Smooth begins with a combination of atactic polypropylene modified asphalt along with a reinforced non-woven polyester mat provide superior weather resistance.


Ideal for both new construction and re-roofing applications - as a base ply, cap sheet or as a flashing ply in single or multi-ply applications.

Superior Performance

A durable roofing membrane that meets or exceeds the requirements All-Weather of ASTM D6222 Type 1, Grade S.

Cost effective

The installed cost of an All-Weather APP 160 Smooth is lower than most single ply systems in the market today.


All-Weather APP 160’s reinforced polyester mat core allows flexibility while resisting splits and tears due to its elongation characteristics.

Also available in All-Weather APP 180 Granule

The right product for your job.

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