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SecureGrip Self-Adhered Underlayment

Premium High-Temp Self Adhered Roof Deck Protection- under Metal, Tile, Slate, Shakes, and Asphalt Shingle Roofing

•  Engineered Construction

Extremely strong polypropylene surface with UV and weather resistive coatings that add water shedding redundancy in the roofing system while protecting the structure from damage.

•  Advanced Surface Technology

SecureWalk™ (top) creates incredible walkability.

•  All Temperature Performance

-40° F to 260° F; all climates, under all roofing styles.

•  Weather-Tight Seal

Asphalt to asphalt lap system

•  100% Inorganic Surface

Synthetic construction offers long term moisture protection - won’t rot and is inert to mold growth.

•  Durable

Heavy synthetic surface resists tearing during roof installation - UV stabilized surface resists UV degradation up to six months.


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