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Your best choice for reliable performance - and it's even eco-friendly!

•  Reliable performance

Product is surface treated for superior application reliability.

•  Improved moisture resistance

Special additives combined with asphalt impregnation improve moisture resistance.

•  Environmentally friendly

100% reclaimed/recycled material content.

•  Improves roof system rigidity

Adds rigidity to foam insulation and to the entire roof deck, and withstands normal deck traffic during and after membrane application.

•  Improves roof system R-value

Lowers energy consumption.

•  Versatile

Can be used in all asphaltic and single ply roofing systems and as a recovery board.

•  Trims easily

Can be cut with a standard utility knife, with no irritating fiberglass dust.

•  Complete assortment of wood fiber products

Includes fiberboard, tapered edge panels and standard cant strips.


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