Steel Force Majeure

May 17, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Steel Force Majeure… Dear Valued Customer; As the “Leading Importer of Coil Roofing” in the US today, we take our role seriously. We know that you, our customers, depend on us for quality product, timely delivery and accurate market information. While we were the ones to get out in front of the unprecedented spike in steel prices and set a policy to assure no production interruptions, we have had a week to wrap our arms around this situation. I know many plants have stopped production and refuse to produce orders for some of the other nail importers. […]

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Price Increase Announcement – Fiberboard

April 21, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Price Increase Announcement – Fiberboard Effective:  May 21, 2021 Nationwide Dear Valued Customer; Please be advised that due to rising costs in energy, materials, and transportation, there will be a price increase of 5% to 7% on all fiberboard and cant strip/tapered edge products nationwide effective with shipments May 21, 2021. All currently priced fiberboard orders and job quotes must ship prior to May 21, 2021 to receive pre-increase pricing, please confirm any open quotes with CMI prior to this date. We strongly suggest you plan for your inventory needs accordingly. For special job quotes, revised pricing, […]

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April 15, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: EXCESS FREIGHT SURCHARGE IMPLEMENTATION… Dear Valued Customer; On April 1, 2021 CMI implemented the below previously announced Freight Force Majeure policy. While we did not mandate the signing of the order acknowledgments, every order received since late December 2020 has had this printed on it. During the unprecedented ocean freight run up 4th quarter of 2020 and early 2021 CMI lived up to its commitments and obligations absorbing all freight increases in most cases $2,000 to $3,000 a container. Most of those are the containers our customers are now receiving, costing us $100’s of thousands of dollars […]

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March 23, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AMERICA’S LARGEST ROOFING NAIL IMPORTER… Dear Valued Customer; New and Additional Capacity CMI is America’s largest roofing nail importer. Over 2.5 million boxes in 2020, enough nails to roof 1,250,000 houses, that’s 18 billion nails. • Best on-time delivery performance – nails you can count on getting when you and your customers need them. • Highest quality and ongoing QC program – products and production monitored by CMI company staff. • No hidden surcharges or fees required to get the nails that you had ordered and should get at the price agreed to. Tariffs are broken out […]

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February 9, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: DON’T YOU WISH YOUR NAIL SUPPLIER COULD SAY… Dear Valued Customer; 99% OF DECEMBER ROOFING NAIL ORDER SHIPPED ON TIME or 96% OF JANUARY ROOFING ORDERS SHIPPED ON TIME We take our position as the leading importer of roofing nails seriously, and we shipped almost all nail containers on time, spared no cost, had to use “Premium Freight” to accomplish this, but we met our goals and supported our customers. Never asked a customer to pay a freight surcharge to mitigate freight, and shipped at the agreed upon price. CHINESE LUNAR NEW YEARS WARNING Lunar New Years […]

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Price Increase Announcement – ButtonKap Tools & Fasteners

January 22, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Price Increase Announcement – ButtonKap Tools & Fasteners  Dear Valued Customer;  2020 was a year for the books, so thank you for your continued loyalty as a valued customer of ours. Several market factors have increased our costs over the past 12 months, including exchange rates as well as inflated steel and shipping costs. ButtonKap has done its best to mitigate much of these increases and keep them from being passed along, but cannot continue to do so. Effective with orders shipped after February 15th, we will be adjusting the pricing on all ButtonKap products in the […]

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Copy of Urgent Nail Update

January 19, 2021

Carriers’ on-time reliability falls to record lows in November Carriers add boxes, but no swift end to equipment shortage THE GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN IS BROKEN   There are 20 ships anchored off Los Angles waiting a week to get unloaded, but there is no dock space available due to the mass volumes of containers coming in to the US Market. These ships average 22,000 containers each, that’s over 400,000 containers waiting to unload.  Imports from China show a  21% increase in containers over 2019, and mostly compressed to ship all in 7 months. Need a mattress, used to get it […]

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Continental Materials Announces Richard Kasper II as Contractor Specialist – Underlayments in the Florida Market

January 19, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Continental Materials Announces Richard Kasper II as Contractor Specialist – Underlayments in the Florida Market January 18, 2021 Abington, PA (1/18/2021) – Continental Materials, Inc. (CMI) is happy to announce that Richard Kasper II has joined CMI in the role of Contractor Specialist – Synthetic Roof Underalyments providing sales and technical support in all Florida market areas. “We are excited to add Richard to the CMI team with his more than 10 years of industry experience, his background in commercial and residential roofing, as well as contractor and distribution sales. Richard will be a strong asset to CMI in this new […]

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Container Update: Actions Have Consequences

January 18, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Container Update  Dear Valued Customer; ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES “Deal with Honest and Transparent Partners”  Many nail importers have taken to “drastic actions” in order to curtail losses and are not meeting their obligations of shipping nail orders/ containers as contractually agreed to. These actions would appear to violate the basic tenants of an agreement between buyer and seller to deliver material at an agreed upon price at an agreed upon time. CMI is the largest direct container importer of roofing nails into the US. We ship enough nails each month to roof approximately 80,000 houses. Additionally, CMI […]

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Continental Materials