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Container Update: Actions Have Consequences



Container Update


Dear Valued Customer;

"Deal with Honest and Transparent Partners"


Many nail importers have taken to “drastic actions” in order to curtail losses and are not meeting their obligations of shipping nail orders/ containers as contractually agreed to. These actions would appear to violate the basic tenants of an agreement between buyer and seller to deliver material at an agreed upon price at an agreed upon time.

CMI is the largest direct container importer of roofing nails into the US. We ship enough nails each month to roof approximately 80,000 houses. Additionally, CMI also imports, many containers of plastic caps, construction related fasteners and synthetic underlayment from various countries around the globe. With our rigorous QC program in place with each mill partner, our ASTM approved products deliver timely and at the agreed upon price.

Many Importers held back hundreds of containers in the fall and early winter as Ocean Freight rates skyrocketed and have now more than doubled. Early on they held your shipments hoping rates would come down, then it spiraled out of control and now they are faced with $3000 or more increased freight to absorb. Some of these actions caused delays of months and are not because of shipping issues. These are very questionable business practices. We were also faced with these same issues and never held a shipment back. Doing that would appear immoral, and frankly not sure legal.

Recently, many suppliers have held orders hostage by demanding additional sums of money varying from $1,000 to $4,000 to ship your material that they should be obligated to. The problem now is these suppliers have waited so long, that even if you agree to pay, it is not possible for them to ship this huge volume out prior to the Lunar New Year holiday with the current container issues, and the delays will be measurable.

We know there are hundreds of containers of roofing nails creating a bottleneck at the plants. This behavior causes a problem for the entire industry because many plants have had to pre-maturely shut down production because when orders don’t ship, the floor space is filled with finished product and there is no room to keep producing.

Warren Buffet said, “ It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to lose it. At CMI we have invested 100’s of thousands of dollars in excess freight charges to do the right thing that we have spent 63 years building upon.

CMI has the largest contracted capacity, we don’t sell you what we don’t have, and we don’t hold orders. Never have never will. If you are looking for a quality nail supplier/ partner, I invite you to call me personally at CMI and discuss your current and long-term nail solutions. My contact information is below.


Continental Materials, Inc. (CMI) is a national supplier of roofing system component materials and known for BUR (built-up roofing) asphalt with “No Smell”™ odor eliminating technology and its WeatherSeal™ protective packaging, All-Weather™ asphalt felts and coated organic rolls, CMI All-Weather™ modified bitumen rolls, SureGrip™ construction fasteners and roofing nails, Continental’s eco-friendly high density fiberboard roof insulation board and a premium line of SecureGrip™ synthetic roof underlayment products that are sold and used widely throughout the country. CMI has provided value added products and superior service to the roofing industry since 1958.

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