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Roofing Nail and SecureGrip Synthetic Underlayment Market Update



Roofing Nail and SecureGrip Synthetic Underlayment Market Update
December 08, 2020

Abington, PA (12/08/2020) –




Why are your nail containers late? Are they late because your shipper won’t pay the current freight rate or are they late because your shipper does not have an on-site presence to oversee the process, or even a large enough volume to secure container space? This is one of those times when only the most important nail providers are being treated correctly and only if you’re on top of it. You can’t do that from behind a computer screen, you have to have an on-site presence to have an impact. Additionally, some “nail brokers” can’t afford to pay the current rates to get your nail containers moved with freight increases averaging over $2,200 each over previous periods. At CMI we have the regular volume to get our containers shipped, and we never let the current freight rates dictate our obligations to ship your cargo.





Be wary of importers that resell other people’s products, be wary of importers that have no published Q.A. Program, be wary of importers that have no tracking numbers on their boxes. Our ongoing testing of competitive product in the market shows the continued rampant disregard for specifications of nails to reduce costs.



Only CMI has production numbers and  tracing down to the machine at the time it was produced and that is printed on every box .We have our own on-site manager in China at our plant, 100% dedicated to us, and the largest volume of roofing nails imported into United States for many, many years. Every month we ship enough nails to do 85,000 roofs, well over 1 million roofs a year.


Empty container availability is very challenging and will create arrival delays for Chinese nail shipments for most orders ready to ship through February 6 when plants close for the 3 week Lunar New Year holiday.


CMI is beginning “planned availability” for nail orders effective immediately. That means we are only going to  support the customers that have supported us, and understand our value proposition. CMI is the largest direct importer of containers of roofing nails into the US today. We are a competitive quality supplier and our goal is not to be the cheapest guy out there; if you buy the cheapest you get the cheapest and all the problems that come with that.


We will continue to supply our regular nail customers with a competitive quality product and deliver that material timely.




Please be advised Secure Grip Underlayment’s are on a ‘planned availability’ program. Our 6 nationwide stocking warehouses and our direct-plant shipments are seeing unprecedented demand. Our plant partners have increased monthly shipments to us by 50% since July 1, 2020, but demand is still outpacing current supply.  Careful planning and coordination of your future requirements is critical. Please call your CMI Regional Sales Manager to review. We expect this inventory tightness to last through the first half of 2021.


When you sell the highest quality product, and most complete product line on the market, we expect the demand to continue to grow. Thanks for your continued support.


Happy Holidays from your Friends at CMI.


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