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COVID19 - Impact on Container Deliveries



COVID19 - Impact on Container Deliveries
March 27, 2020


Dear Valued Customer;

COVID19 Update - Impact on Container Deliveries

We understand that everyone is now experiencing 'unusual times' to varying degrees in their personal and business lives. We hope everyone is taking prudent care of themselves and their families and being safe. In the manufacturing and distribution world one item that may become more obvious at warehouses, as the COVID19 situation evolves, is that deliveries of containerized material to warehouse locations will continue and require someone to unload and receive the material(s). We do know, over the past 24 months, the new freight rules and regulations has made it tougher on deliveries due to the limited ‘free time’ associated with those changes.

Workers at ports, warehouses, and trucking companies are receiving exemptions from state “stay-at-home” mandates because they are judged as essential to the support of the US supply chain. While we have had no issues to this point we have been working closely with our customers to address any questions they may have on the subject of inbound containers. Just a reminder, containers don't stop and shipping and freight rules have not changed at this point based on the COVID19 situation. As always, the 'free time' that is allotted to a container once it arrives at the port, unloads at a warehouse, and the container is returned to the yard is limited and has not been extended or modified due to this unusual situation we're in.

We hope that current inbound containers arrive and can be handled without issue. We know that there are many business situations that you are now experiencing and are having to respond to as they arise. Planning and scheduling in advance will make it simpler and easier to assess and consider if there are alternate arrangements that can be made if necessary. Please feel free to contact us regarding container arrivals. We may be able to work together to develop an option that may work better for your warehouse prior to those container(s) arriving, and thereby reducing these additional costs.  Once they are in port and are ready for delivery the options become more limited and can be very costly.

We look forward to working with our distribution partners to mitigate these situations that might affect your warehouses and that could affect subsequent costs associated with any changes that may need to be made to meet your business requirements.

Hopefully things will return to a more normal and predictable business environment sooner rather than later. Now, less than two months after the initial China shutdown, we are seeing their business routine moving back to a more predictable standard.

As leaders in this business, and in uncertain times, you want to deal with the experience of CMI to help you navigate through these changes. Again, please let us know if you have questions and stay safe.

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