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Important Nail Update - Dade County Approved Roofing Nails



Important Nail Update - Dade County Approved Roofing Nails
September 27, 2017

Continental Materials, Inc. (CMI) is a market leader in Roofing and Construction fasteners since 1958. Supplying Dade County Approved Roofing Nails and Tin Caps is an important part of that business and our role as market leaders.


As market leaders it is important to keep you our valued customers informed of the challenging supply issues we are all experiencing tied into the ongoing supply hurdles encountered in China; and well documented in our previous roofing nail updates. Copies of these prior announcements are available at for your reference

Since September 12th our primary supply chain in China is once again producing high quality coil roofing nails. Due to the ongoing issues with the galvanizing mills, as part of a severe Environmental Enforcement Campaign mandated by the Chinese government, there have been two prolonged shutdowns since June totaling 7 weeks with no production. That means for 7 weeks since June 12th we have had no galvanized nails to collate while awaiting galvanization.

Dade County approved nails are more complicated to produce and get through our approval process. A normal roofing nail requires 2-1⁄2 hours of galvanization. A Dade County nail with superior rust inhibitors takes 10-1⁄2 hours. With the current backlog at the galvanizing mills we have not been able to secure allotted time to get ample Dade nails produced timely.

This is a daily priority that our Chinese managers are working on and we fully expect to be back operational and producing Dade nails starting the week of October 9th, when plants reopen after a weeklong Fall holiday which is the week of October 2nd.

It will take us some time to work through the general galvanizing backlog and we believe this may further create a difficult supply scenario in the South Florida market. Without any additional unforeseen delays we expect this catchup time will take 60 days to complete.

We have been forced to pay a substantially higher cost to handle the new galvanizing process and will continue to live up to our commitments to our customers by absorbing these significant increases to meet those obligations. We have heard stories of price gouging and raising of prices and frankly we do not find that an acceptable solution to our problem that we need to resolve.

Please be wary of those claiming to have Dade Approval and that do not show up on the Approved Dade List, or that can provide you a copy of this approval.

This current situation does not affect our timely shipment of Dade Tin Caps or Florida required 8D Roof Decking Nails which are shipping promptly.

For more up-to-date information on specific open PO’s please contact CMI directly.

Thank you for your continued support and trust that we are doing everything we can to get you your product as soon as possible.


Continental Materials, Inc. (CMI) is a national supplier of roofing system component materials and known for BUR (built-up roofing) asphalt with “No Smell”™ odor eliminating technology and its WeatherSeal™ protective packaging, All-Weather™ asphalt felts and coated organic rolls, CMI All-Weather™ modified bitumen rolls, SureGrip™ construction fasteners and roofing nails, Continental’s eco-friendly high density fiberboard roof insulation board and a premium line of SecureGrip™ synthetic roof underlayment products that are sold and used widely throughout the country. CMI has provided value added products and superior service to the roofing industry since 1958.

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